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NetSuite began in 1998 and originally provided a small business accounting software system. As described in the NetSuite Review, the accounting application was integrated with the Oracle 8i e-business suite and hosted through Oracle Business OnLine. But after only a few years of slow growth and difficulty gaining market traction, NetSuite garnered some marketing and branding muscle by partnering with its chief investor Larry Ellison, and rebranding its SaaS solution as the Oracle Small Business Suite (SBS) in 2001. Although the two software manufacturers shared a marketing and revenue partnership agreement, NetSuite was not owned or an operating subsidiary of Oracle. In 2004, the 3 year marketing arrangement ended, the Oracle Small Business Suite on-demand service provided by NetSuite was renamed the NetSuite Small Business Suite and the company set out to create its own identity. Larry Ellison, then both Chairman and CEO of Oracle, continued to retain more than 50 percent ownership in NetSuite.

In 2007 NetSuite had a successful initial public offering (IPO), selling about 10 percent of the company in a Dutch auction and getting listed on the NYSE:N.

In 2008, the company launched OneWorld, an on-demand system to empower multi-national businesses and financial consolidation capabilities. OneWorld allowed global organizations to manage companies with multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities from a single NetSuite hosted account while permitting multiple currencies, languages, taxation rules and reporting.

In 2008, NetSuite acquired Boston-based OpenAir—a software manufacturer of professional services automation (PSA) applications—for $26 million in a cash deal. This purchase gave NetSuite its deepest vertical market solution yet.

In 2010, NetSuite delivered NetSuite OneWorld PH, a localized version of NetSuite OneWorld and the first cloud-based ERP suite for the Philippine market. NetSuite maintains its global call center in the Philippines.

Today NetSuite offers an enterprise-wide business software application which includes accounting software, distribution and supply chain management software, manufacturing software, e-commerce, customer relationship management software, web site management and human resources software.

About NetSuite

NetSuite Inc. is a software publisher which manufactures an on-demand and integrated business software suite which includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Ecommerce functionality to SMB businesses and divisions of large companies. NetSuite's software products including NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld and NetSuite CRM+. All NetSuite software products are designed are delivered over the Internet as a subscription using the SaaS deployment model.