CRM Software & Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Although a late entrant to the SaaS Customer Relationship Management software market, Microsoft has picked up more CRM software customers than any other technology vendor in its limited period and is using its market traction to alter the competitive landscape in terms of platform capabilities, ubiquitous deployment and aggressive subscription pricing.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has only about 8% CRM market share but there are many Microsoft Dynamics CRM strengths and weaknesses which offer a big trajectory for a continued upswing. In 2009 Microsoft Dynamics CRM counted over 1 million CRM users in just over six years; an accomplishment that took top rival eight years to achieve. At the 2011 Microsoft Convergence conference, the software giant touted it had over 350,000 Dynamics customers (mostly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software), over 5 million users and just over 27,000 CRM software customers which make up about 1.4 million users. We gauge Dynamics CRM Online has about 25,000 user subscribers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is still the small player when compared among the entire Dynamics family which also includes the four Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems—Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GL and Dynamics SL. But while Dynamics ERP software solutions are experiencing a downward growth trend, the CRM software solution is showing aggressive growth in both on-premise and on-demand models.

Microsoft has incurred a massive strategy shift over the last two to three years toward the cloud. The Redmond giant found cloud religion a bit late, but is now said to be devoting 90 percent of its Research and Development budget, or about $8.6 billion to cloud R&D projects.

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