Nowa odsłona "Obok Euro 2012″

Euroszał na "mkw"! Orzeł i reprezentacja, zwolnienia z WF-u, orliki, nadzieje i lęki związane z Euro, przygody zagranicznych korespondentów w Polsce, architektura stadionowa, strategie nadzoru podczas szwajcarskiego Euro 2008 oczami artystów z !Mediengruppe Bitnik!, Londyn przed Igrzyskami Olimpijskimi, kibicowskie społeczności!

Customer Experience Management

Customer experience management (CXM) manages both the individual experience of a single customer/supplier transaction as well as the sum of all experiences between a customer and a supplier over the life of their relationship. A customer's view or perception of their suppliers is built as a result of their interactions over multiple-channels and different areas of the business. Organizations that succeed in achieving consistently positive CXM experiences are rewarded with increased customer share, customer loyalty, repeat business and vocal advocates which then promote the supplier in online and offline channels.

Customer Relationship Management software solutions tend to focus on sales, marketing and service solely from the company perspective. CXM focuses on the customer needs and desires. CXM software solutions integrate strategy, business processes and CRM technology to optimize each customer experience and deliver a consistent and rewarding interaction. This increased alignment also earns increased customer activity, referrals, advocacy, revenue and market share.

CXM is not just repackaged CRM software applications. CXM delivers a marked shift from internally focused software automation to business software systems that focus externally and seek to deliver superior customer experiences.