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Cloud Computing

While the buzzwords, terminology and hyperbole have changed from ASP (Application Service Provider) to "on-demand" to "hosted" to "Software as a Service" or SaaS to the current moniker of "cloud computing", the business concept of consuming CRM applications over the Internet based on a subscription pricing model continues to grow at double digit market growth and be a top agenda item on the CIO's review list. Now with near fever pitch hype and media attention, IT buyers are adopting hosted customer relationship management software systems faster than on-premise applications.

But to be clear, IT buyers demand clear explanations and measurable benefits when evaluating the decision to outsource their IT responsibilities or consume CRM software from a remote host.

So What Is CRM in the Cloud?

Software as a Service or cloud computing is a deployment and delivery method of information technology consumption in which dynamically scalable and on-demand resources are provided as a service over the Web based on a subscription pricing model. Cloud computing or SaaS benefits include reduction in up-front capital expenditures, accelerated implementations, on-demand scalability, predictable budget expenditures, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and increased focus on core competencies.

Cloud Computing