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Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is a business strategy that seeks to manage each individual customer experience and the sum of all customer experiences between a customer and a vendor over the life of their business and consumer relationship. Each customer's view of their vendor is built as a consequence of their business interactions over multiple-channels and long periods of time. Companies that are successful in earning consistently high CX results are rewarded with more customer share, loyalty, additional business and independent advocacy.

CRM software systems often concentrate on sales, marketing and customer support from the internal company perspective. CX strategies instead focus on the customer needs and desires from the customer perspective. CX software integrates strategy, flows and CRM software to organize each customer experience and achieve consistent and rewarding interactions. Increased customer/vendor alignment also earns increased customer activities, referrals, advocacy, revenues and market share.

CX is not just the new flavor of customer loyalty - and its not just repackaged CRM software systems. CX is a marked shift from internally focused process automation to an external focus that seeks to deliver superior customer experiences every time.