Supply Chain Management Systems

Supply Chain Management software is far more than a distribution management program or a one time project implementation activity. In fact, it generally requires a change in corporate culture, staffing and thinking - and results in a continuous journey that matures as customer needs evolve an internal organizational capabilities evolve. Supply Chain Management is a business strategy and Supply Chain Management software automates that business strategy by providing the framework, management and technology to empower supply and demand side strategies.

More Than Just Social Media

Social CRM originates from the broader social media phenomenon and is characterized by a broad range of customer initiated communication channels such as social networks, the blogosphere, and online forums. Forward thinking businesses are experimenting with and implementing new social tools and business processes to engage prospects and customers in the way they desire, and in a way that changes the communication from monologue statements to a dialogue and conversation. Social CRM includes much more than just making the prospect or customer feel as though they are wanted and strives to make the customer recognize they are valued and integral member in the company's operations - with direct influence to the marketing department, the Research and Development (R&D) department or other lines of business that need and benefit from direct feedback by the ultimate recipient for their products and services.

Social CRM, much like social media, is best achieved with new thinking and clear understanding that the customer relationship with the new social customer has been forever changed from a one way conversation that the company thought it controlled to a communication dialogue where the customer is proactive, part of a much larger online community and much more intent on being heard and being considered a proactive part of the service or product they seek to acquire.

Social CRM