Social Media and Social CRM

Enhancing transaction-based Customer Relationship Management applications with social media and social CRM tools helps organizations better reach and engage customers and also advance their customer relationship management strategies for mutual benefits. Social media tools and techniques capitalize on the change in managing the conversational dialogue from the supplier to the customer. However, Social media tools also empower vendors to use new social tools in order better engage customers at the time, place and method they prefer.

Social media tools and channels join the strategy and business processes companies use to engage customers in an online conversation that satisfies their customers need for access to information while providing the suppliers with never before realized input, feedback, real-time interaction and improved customer relationships.

Social Media

The social media phenomenon is characterized by a broad range of customer initiated online communication channels such as online forums, social networks and the blogosphere. Businesses are constantly experimenting with and implementing new social media tools to extend their reach and engage customers in the way they desire, and in a way that changes the conversation from a monologue to a dialogue. Social media includes much more than just making the customer feel as though they are wanted for profit sake and goes further to make the customer appreciate that they are valued and integral participant in the company's operations and advancements - with influence to the marketing group, the Research and Development (R&D) group or other line of business groups that can benefit from direct customer feedback.

Social media, much like more precise social CRM tools and business practices, is best achieved with fresh thinking and an understanding that the customer relationship with the social customer is forever changed from a one way conversation that the company at one time controlled to a dialogue where the customer is proactive, part of a much larger online community, more intent on being heard and in control. The customer want to be considered a proactive participant in the making and delivery of the service or product they seek to acquire from their preferred brands.

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