CRM Software Systems

Customer Relationship Management software systems and business strategies knows no geographical boundaries. While North America makes up the largest CRM software market in the world, other global regions have the opportunity to learn from the successes and failures of the largely US market. Executives seeking to select or deploy CRM software in a multi-national organization should seek out the shared lessons and understand the local and cultural differences which influence CRM strategy, software selection and software deployment. The best practices, case studies and lessons learned from others deliver practical advice and insight to aid practitioners about to select or deploy CRM applications in their part of the world or throughout the world.

CRM Varies By Culture

CRM business strategies and CRM software systems must adapt to unique styles and differences in culture, goals, data structure, business processes and privacy by region and country. Regional companies have different emphasis in different areas—for example, scalability is key in the U.S., privacy in critical in the E.U., open source preferences are prevalent in Asia-Pac and focus on CRM collections processing functionality is important in Latin America. These are but a few samples that highlight differences in the worldwide CRM software market.

Global CRM