CRM Report

As part of our CRM software selection process, I've been on a search for good CRM research and information. There's a lot of information available in the public domain, but sometimes its difficult to separate what's independent and objective from what's not. I found a good top 10 CRM report at CRMadvisory. It included both strengths and weaknesses, but was limited to horizontal CRM software systems.

Industry CRM Software Solutions

Much of the customer relationship management software research, information, collaterals and conversation tends to be without a vertical market or industry perspective. However, when CRM software takes into account the specific operational, regulatory or other industry requirements, the applications typically deploy faster and deliver more payback. To lean more about industry specific CRM software solutions, executives should expand their online networking and conversations, and their market research and peer advice to include an industry perspective. Their goal is to increase their CRM software information and understanding by focusing on the unique goals, constraints, requirements and criteria for their particular industries.

Industry Specific CRM Software

Industry specific Customer Relationship Management software systems deliver better fit, increased capabilities and more automation for unique industry needs. While traditional CRM software vendors such as Oracle Siebel, SAP and Infor offer many industry solutions, the cloud CRM providers are just now delivering new vertical market CRM systems at a feverish pace. Vertical market CRM software systems represent a growth market opportunity for the CRM industry.

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