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Getting accurate rankings in the Customer Relationship Management software industry can be tough. Just finding an accurate, let alone the best CRM list that measures CRM vendors based on market share and not vendor hype or bogus marketing claims is a bigger challenge than it may first seam.

The best CRM website we've found for unbiased Customer Relationship Management software reviews and rankings is

CRM Software & Avaya Aura Contact Center Software

Avaya has experienced a very fluid company upbringing. Avaya actually began as part of AT&T and then later as Lucent Technologies enterprise communications group. After Lucent divested the group in 2000, the company became known as Avaya. Avaya then went public on October 2, 2000. The stock symbol was AV on the New York Stock Exchange. However, the public status was not for long and the company later reverted back to a private company again in October 2007 when it was acquired by Silver Lake and TPG Capital. For fiscal year 2010, the company's total revenues were about $5 billion.

Avaya has created it Aura Contact Center software solution both organically and via many company and product acquisitions. Avaya CRM and contact center software is largely based on open technology standards, delivered in modular and bundled packages, and can optionally be overlaid with legacy software technology investments to prevent the need for fork lift upgrades or rip and replace deployment projects. Avaya has put together a suite of complimentary CRM and contact center software products which collectively act as comprehensive call center software systems.

The Avaya Aura Contact Center, Avaya Aura Call Center Elite and Avaya Interaction Center are the company's main call center software products. Avaya's contact center software focuses on contact center software automaton however is quite often not considered in the broader CRM software segment as the solution does not include the CRM software modules of sales force automation (SFA) and marketing. However, Avaya contact center software systems are designed to integrate with several market leading CRM software products. Avaya also offers partial marketing automation with capabilities such as Proactive Outreach Manager, an outbound campaign management function, and Avaya Proactive Contact, a framework for the creation and management of outbound campaigns and communications. Some contact centers may find this level of marketing campaign management sufficient, while many others will prefer the advanced marketing capabilities and lead management capabilities generally available with CRM software systems.