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RightNow Technologies was founded by Greg Gianforte in 1997 without investor money. The company started with a business software product that initially focused on customer service with a knowledge base. As the software company grew, it added some sales force automation capabilities (although this was a big weakness) and marketing functions. More in line with its product focus, the company also added voice automation, customer feedback management, analytics and a social framework, thereby creating a broad customer experience suite. In 2006 RightNow Technologies acquired SaaS CRM provider Salesnet and its 26 employees for $9 million. The goal was to take advantage on Salenet's sales force automation (SFA) software and merge it into the RightNow CRM suite. However, technology and other challenges kept that goal from ever becoming reality and Salesnet was later spun out as an independent business unit in the Atlanta area.

On 2009, RightNow Technologies purchased HiveLive for $6 million—a social software provider with a platform for customer support, engagement and loyalty, and ideation forums. RightNow said HiveLive would allow it to deliver prebuilt online communities as a customer service channel, include forums and blogs, and integrate it with its knowledge engine.

In 2011, RightNow Technologies purchased Amsterdam-based Q-go for about $34 million. Q-go is a manufacturer of natural language search technology whose products add context to web site searches and enhance the web site visitor's online experience. Q-go's intelligent search and retrieval is beyond keyword matching and returns more relevant responses to user searches, thereby lowering the number of frustrated customers forced to reach out to a contact center (at $4-10 per call) or send customer support emails ($13-20 per customer including follow-up mails). RightNow indicates the acquisition will open new business development opportunities by expanding their web presence from the support page to the home page, create new session-based revenue opportunities and strengthen relationships with marketing buyers.

About Oracle Rightnow

RightNow Technologies is a manufacturer of on-demand customer experience (CX) software solutions that aid consumer-centric companies in delivering great customer experiences. RightNow's vision is to "rid the world of bad experiences one consumer interaction at a time, 8 million times a day."

Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, RightNow Technologies is not your typical Silicon Valley software company—in fact far from it. While many of the market-share leading CRM software vendors trace their roots to sales force automation (SFA), RightNow originated from a desire to deliver exceptional customer service. And while many CRM vendors get continually broader and expand their product portfolio into platform stacks and back-office enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, RightNow continues more of a best of breed, CX focused journey.

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