CRM Software & Salesnet

Salesnet was one of the earliest software as a service (SaaS) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions ever delivered. The company began delivering cloud CRM software back when the industry and solutions were referred to as Application Service Providers (ASPs). That term would evolve to be known as "on-demand", then "software as a service" and finally "cloud computing."

After failing to achieve market traction and experiencing strained relations with the company's venture capitalists, the company brought in an outsider to sell the organization. Salesnet was then acquired by RightNow Technologies in an all cash deal. RightNow intended to use the Salesnet SFA software to bolster its own CRM product, but such intent never materialized, and the company was then divested to outside operators in the Atlanta area.

Salesnet continues to be a viable product, and is generally most competitive as a best of breed Sales Force Automation solution, however, its company standing is unknown.