CRM Systems in Asia

Both the Asia Pacific region and Southeast Asia subregion or seeing rapid adoption of cloud CRM systems. With the exception of Singapore, most Southeast Asia businesses are small businesses, and most continue to use manual system or desktop applications to manage their customer relationships. As lower cost cloud Customer Relationship Management software systems make inroads to countries such as China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, more Asian businesses are automating their customer relationships with CRM software for the first time. Reports are now being distributed showing the top CRM systems in Asia. It's now only a matter of time before additional technologies such as mobile CRM, social CRM and other cloud applications continue their adoption in Southeast Asia.

Customer Service Software

Sword Ciboodle created its CRM and customer service software from a process-centric approach. It's labeled by Forrester Research as process-based Customer Relationship Management, a phrase that is seldom heard outside of Forrester. However it is a fair description for a small group of Business Process Management (BPM) focused CRM software solutions which include Sword Ciboodle, Pegasystems and Chordiant among others.

Although the rating is more than a few years old, Forrester ranked Sword Ciboodle near the top of this niche-oriented CRM software category. Similarly, both Forrester and Gartner rate Sword Ciboodle high in the enterprise CRM software segment as well, though not above, and usually not equal to, the more well known mega-vendors. Part of Sword Ciboodle's problem in analyst rankings and customer recognition is that the company's marketing is scarce and its visibility in the competitive market is very low despite having a reputable product. This led Gartner to warn in its April 2011 Magic Quadrant report that "risk averse buyers may mistake the lack of broad deployments and adoption as a sign of product weakness, rather than a lack of visibility."

But if you judge Sword Ciboodle for what it is and the mission it sets out to achieve—which is to empower customers to create customer service excellence—the CRM software product is normally capable. This contact-center solution ensures the contact center processes actually work, especially on the agent side. It's not a glitzy system. It's more of a workhorse that will get the job done with a sure-footed certainty and steadfast reliability.

Like most CRM software vendors, Sword Ciboodle has honed in on the concept of managing customer experience. The company's focus is to improve the customer experience (CX) by enhancing customer facing processes so that customers get what they need from their vendors and customer frustration is eliminated. Sword Ciboodle's business model and contact center software is especially well suited for B2C companies with high-volumes of transactions and multi-channel interactions.

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