Marketing Software & IBM Unica

IBM Unica is the manufacturer of an enterprise marketing management (EMM) software system. As reported in the Sistemas de Mercadeo report, Unica is part of IBM's software solution group.

Unica is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, with other offices in the U.S., Australia, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Singapore and the U.K.

The Unica enterprise marketing management software system has been adopted by more than 1500 global companies over six continents and 30 countries.

Key Unica customers include the American Cancer Society, Atari, Bayer, Best Buy, Cisco, Citrix, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Disney, Dow Jones & Co, EMC, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, GEICO Direct, HBO, Hewlett Packard, Lands' End, Mazda, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

While the software company's enterprise marketing management product is not purpose built for particular industries, Aprimo has acquired concentrations of customers in several vertical markets, including automotive, high technology, financial services, insurance and healthcare, retail, telecommunications, and travel and hospitality.

The company has alliance relationships with over 150 partners who market, sell, implement, and support Unica marketing software systems. Unica business partner programs are organized by partner type and include Marketing Service Providers, Valued Added Resellers & Distributors, System Integrators, Marketing Agencies and other Technology Providers.

Business partners, and particularly resellers, are a natural fit between marketers and marketing software manufacturers. Forrester Research reported that, "Service providers wield plenty of influence. More than 80 percent of the marketers we spoke with rely on a marketing service provider or consulting organizations to help them build or manage their database and perform campaign design and segmentation tasks. Marketers turn to service providers to limit IT's participation, augment existing staff, and reduce time to market. Not surprisingly, the service providers influence the technology selection process, and are often responsible for bringing individual vendors to the table."

IBM Unica