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Productive marketing campaigns are only the first step in the customer acquisition process. However, all to often marketing staff get short rift from the executive team, marketers find themselves under-resourced and marketing campaigns are not automated, measured or learned from. To advance their contributions and their own careers, marketers must advance their knowledge and technical skills. They should start by reviewing market research, finding expert insight and reaching out for peer advice. Once education, they should seek out even more information to help select and deploy marketing automation systems and CRM software systems which can improve campaign performance, increase marketing ROI and clearly show marketings critical role in the customer acquisition, engagement and renewal processes. This is also well illustrated in the Software para Mercadeo report.

While traditional marketing software systems, sometimes included with CRM software, perform basic campaign setup, profiling and integration with sales force automation (SFA) systems, a newer breed of marketing automation or lead management applications have emerged with improved lead acquisition tools, including automation to capture lead information using form submissions, assess leads online behaviors to determine where they are in the sales progression, nurture leads with highly relevant messaging until they are ready to buy, score the leads based on their digital activities and behaviors, automatically transfer sales-ready leads to the sales team once a threshold score is surpassed and deliver closed loop analysis to continually improve the entire lead management process.

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