CRM Software Implementation Projects

Because of the people considerations, human nature and change management considerations, most Customer Relationship Management industry experts and consultants believe that CRM software deployment is as much art as science. For example, in science, repeated input and efforts can accurately predict and replicate the results of pre-defined actions and events. However, in art, we model the best representation or expression based on the conditions and variables at a given time. The result is uncertain and we often make adjustments or adapt to new ideas, new information or new human capital as we make progress. These factors are but a few that highlight the complexity of CRM software implementation projects.

CRM software deployments and software upgrades require a mix of art and science to properly prepare for the business and technology complexity and create sensible approaches, backed by repeatable methodologies, project management, change management and skilled resources which collectively align business and technology goals, mitigate risk and achieve predicted results.

CRM Implementation